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Get To Know Our Programs

Introducing our two revolutionary programs that provide expert financial management strategies to empower you to create lasting wealth


Get To Know Our Programs

Introducing our two revolutionary programs that provide expert financial management strategies to empower you to create lasting wealth


Wealthflowze Holistic Wealth Management Program

The most comprehensive program for that combines expert financial management strategies with cutting-edge principles of flow science, positive psychology, and mindset training. Wealthflowze program not only shows you exactly how to manage wealth like a pro — but how to apply your newfound knowledge to your own financial situation and life.

  • Manage your finances like a professional wealth manager.
  • Discover the science behind peak performance and learn how to enter a state of flow, where you experience heightened focus, creativity, and productivity.
  • Learn how to overcome limiting beliefs and unlock your full potential for success and fulfillment.
  • Learn to balance financial success with personal growth and well-being, creating a holistic approach to wealth and happiness.
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The only course you'll ever need to FINALLY feel in alignment with your finances. Generate more wealth for you and immerse yourself in an unparalleled sphere of financial mastery, where you possess the command to shape your fate as an authentic wealthy gentleman.

  • Command Your Financial Greatness

    Become the financial architect of your own success. Gentlemen, it's time to shatter the barriers that confine ordinary men. With The Wealthy Gentleman, you're not just following trends but setting them. With meticulously curated insights, You will feel like a financial titan, making the right decisions to grow your wealth.

  • The Pursuit of Masterful Living
    A Path of Precision and Unwavering Determination. Luxury is not just a destination; it's a journey paved and constructed with rigorous attention and uncompromising persistence.
  • Champion Personalized Methods of Extraordinary Success
    Carve Your Trail to Greatness with Unyielding Expertise. You don't just follow the beaten path; you define your trajectory through wealth preservation strategies that resonate with your aspirations.
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Jason J. Hamilton,

CFP®, CRPC®, CBDA, is a Certified Financial Planner™ and Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor® who helps high-performance professionals and high-net-worth investors create alignment with their abundance so they can live in flow with their wealth and serve their purpose. After coaching clients on their finances for over a decade and over six years as a registered investment advisor, he knows what helps clients go from chaos to serenity with their finances. 

As a Certified Financial Planner™, he also brings the technical expertise, education, experience, and ethics requirements investors are looking for to help them achieve their goals, lower their taxes, and optimize their income and investment returns.

Along with Keep It Simple Wealth Academy, Jason is the founder of Keep It Simple Financial Planning, an award-winning wealth management firm. KISFP is a fee-only registered investment advisor, managing over $40 million in assets for his clients.

He is also the Head of Family Financial Coaching at his family's nonprofit IDEAL, a community development corporation, located in East Los Angeles. 

Jason completed his undergraduate education at UC Irvine and holds a graduate certification in Personal Financial Planning from UCLA and a Certificate in Blockchain and Digital Assets® from the New York Institute of Finance and Digital Assets Council of Financial Professionals.